FAILURE: A LOVE STORY by Phillip Dawkins

By convergence-continuum (other events)

9 Dates Through Oct 31, 2020

FAILURE:  A LOVE STORY by Phillip Dawkins

directed by Geoffrey Hoffman

By the end of 1928, all three Fail sisters will be dead -- expiring in reverse order, youngest to oldest, from blunt object to the head, disappearance, and finally consumption. Tuneful songs, and a whimsical chorus follow the story of Nelly, Jenny June, and Gerty as they live out their lives above the family clock repair shop near the Chicago River, before their time unexpectedly runs out. A magical, musical fable where, in the end, the power of love is far greater than any individual's successes or failures.


**Nine Performances Only ***

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2438 Scranton Rd Cleveland, OH 44113